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MML Logo HR.png
So much went into the rebrand for Make Me Local. Not only did we have a mixed bag of prerequisites to take from their previous branding, we had to make sure it sat well with the sister company we were creating in tandem Make Me Social.

esigning two brands alongside each other, while being sympathetic to the previous brand and The new logo it less cluttered, simple and clean and much more in-keeping with the Make Me Local ethos. By using a continuous line, and soft lowercase lettering we have softened the brand to make MML feel more creative, friendly, and approachable.

We generated a full brand pack and assets on this one to keep their employees consistent and on track!
Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 15.10.10.png
MMS HR Logo.png
We generated the Make Me Social logo and brand in tandem with the new Make Me Local rebrand so there was not much room for scope on this one.

Despite this, there is a lot of thought that goes into every aspect of creating any logo... The overlapping within the Make Me Social icon represents the sweet spot and symbiosis of the relationship between customer and Make me Social. Keeping the icon open-ended - in a continuous hand drawn line - creates dynamism and flow, and it is this casual approach that should evoke a visceral response of openness, approachability and warmth.

Make Me Local & Make Me Social are progressive, honest and open, they are not Static.
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