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To create truly authentic and striking design we must first immerse ourselves in your world, that way, everything we design walks and talks just how you need it to.

But branding isn't just about having a memorable logo. Good branding increases the value of a company, provides employees with direction and motivation, and makes acquiring new customers easier.

That's why everything we do comes under the branding umbrella but is sometimes called something else.


Web should feel easy.

A well-constructed and easily Navigatable website is an essential part of any brand. We like our websites to not only function but to stand out and perform.

Print is not dead. there's always something nice about having something to hold in your hand. So whether it's brochure design, report & accounts, pitch documents or just the humble flyer we can deliver it.

Social media should be fun. We design and handle social media for all platforms. We work with our clients to create a calendar of engaging posts that can be scheduled weeks in advance.

more strings in our bows. We get asked to do other stuff too - packaging, illustration, infographics, advertising, office interior, building wraps, van graphics and large format print - but if what you need is not listed here, we probably do that too. 

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"When it came to scoping out and forming a brand for my new company, there was no doubt in my mind who to ask. Mums the word is creative, on trend and totally understood what I was trying to achieve. 


They totally nailed the brand. It’s exactly what I wanted and more. Mums the word are definitely worth their weight in gold and we look forward to working with them on lots of projects in the future." 

Sarah – Founder - gen savvy marketing agency

"Working with Nancy and her team is effortless - a quick grasp of concept, exceptional ideas and all with very little revision. High quality and attention to detail of the finished product in addition to post production support means I can't recommend mums the word highly enough."

Joanna Wise - Founder - LoveJoJo 

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Template for client

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"I have loved working with Nancy, she is super creative and has a real flare for completing understanding her clients' needs without the need for lengthy meetings!


Nancy brings a brilliant energy to any project; I highly recommend."

Natasha Clarkson - Abbotshall Healthy Lifestyle

"Nevermind Mums the Word - Fantastic is the word! We're a small charity and Nancy has led us through a complete brand redesign, showing gentle guidance, flexibility and patience with us! We're thrilled with our finished concept and at every step of the way Nancy has been responsive, professional and offered the right insight to help us refine our ideas (demands!)."

Dave King - Chief Exec - Brighter Horizons

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