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Although we are first and fundamentally a graphic design agency, branding is at the core of everything we do. 

Your branding should be memorable, should separate you from your competitors and foster brand loyalty. It’s more than just a pretty logo - although that’s a great start - it's who you are at the core of your business. It's brand recognition, brand story and brand message.

Branding, when done thoroughly, should give you the confidence to go out and sell, to know who you are and what your company ethos is. If you don't know that, what sets you apart from your competitors?


Rebranding your company may feel like a lot of faff, but done right, it’s proven to stimulate growth, and attract a wider market.

Your company is probably not the same as it was ten years ago, perhaps its positioning has changed?  Or perhaps it’s beginning to look a little dated.

Changing your corporate image, mission, values, and messaging with the goal of improving the business will not only solve this issue, but is key to stimulate growth, increase profits, strengthen your workforce, and gain a competitive advantage.

Your current logo may may feel like a comfy pair of slippers, but there’s nothing like stepping out in a pair of shiny new shoes!

The core reasons to rebrand are...


Change of service

Develop your identity and guidelines


Company restructuring

A recent
failed rebrand

Reach a new audience

All you currently have is a logo

How to unlock brand potential and stand out from your competitors.

Good branding is about building expectations, memories, and stories to create a relationship with a customer to build trust and loyalty and this is done through multiple touch points.

Consistency is key

To build a successful brand your brand message and identity should run through the core of everything you do.

Mixed messages give customers reasons to forget you.


Be memorable.

Successful brands articulate what makes them different and unique – this is your key to being successful. Don’t try to be like your competitors. Stand out.


Cater to your audience.

Make sure you know the problem you are trying to solve. How do you add value. Your brand is the vehicle between what do your customers need and how do you solve their issue.


Use story telling.

This is one of the oldest form of communication and entertainment in our culture. We are hardwired to react to story. Emotively and connectively. Narrative evokes emotion, paints a picture of what you do and the desired destination.


Find your brand personality.

Brand personality is a culmination of all of the above. It gives your company a true voice. A face. This is your extra layer and keeps you on track. 

These should run through the
core of everything you do.

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